Why choose us?

StarVeniceServizi is the answer to your needs in the field of lagoon transport, to and from Venice.

StarVeniceServizi was founded by a group of people with twenty years of experience in the transport sector in Venice and is prepared to resolve any kind of difficulties that may arise in this beautiful city. The company operates at 360 degrees, from the small delivery to the exceptional freight movement, thanks to the boats and the extremely efficient vehicles. Our staff is definitely one of the strengths of the company, made up of a versatile team, adaptable to any type of work. The strong team spirit brings us at the top of the list!

Star Venice Servizi srl – Italia

Sede legale: Via Don Tosatto 147/A – 30173 Mestre (VE)

Sede Operativa: Via S. Giuliano, 16, 30174 Venezia (VE)

Sede Logistica/Deposito: Via Ugo Vallenari n.29 – 30173 Mestre (VE) – Orari: Lun-Ven 8:30-18:30 –  tel. +39 0415246752