Ristorante Ai Gondolieri

Ristorante Ai Gondolieri

A few steps from the Salute Church and the Accademia Gallery, “Ai Gondoliers” reworks the local food culture through a healthy and delicious eating. Its origin dates back to the early decades of the ‘900 as a meeting place for residents and workers in the area, as its insignia in 40 years’ characters protected as a historic landmark by the city of Venice. The place was then an old inn to eat simple meals, drink a glass of wine and play cards, while today the current owner, Giovanni Trevisan, since 1987 has restored respect its identity and creating an art meeting place culinary and gracious hospitality. To sit here with us Gondoliers means taste, taste and enjoy the ancient traditions in the extraordinary atmosphere of Venice.

Our strengths are definitely the first fruits of the lagoon, always seasonal, fresh homemade pasta with its thousand facets and meat, the choice always so attentive and prepared in the best tradition of the Gondoliers.

Dorsoduro 366, 30123 Venezia

Tel. +39 041 5286396
Fax +39 041 5210075
Mob. +39 348 8089829

Website: www.aigondolieri.it