Frame Architetture

Frame Architectures S.r.l. was born in July 2006 and is the result of 25 years of experience in the Venetian island territory.

The Company intends to provide a complete and highly professional “technical service” to the private, the operator and the professional who need assistance or collaboration in the intricate bureaucratic sector and in the otherwise complex offer of technical solutions furniture and various services.

The private will find assistance for a restoration, a project, a cadastral practice, for municipal taxes or contributions, etc.

The operator, from the restaurateur to the hotelier, will find suggestions, ideas and solutions for every technical and bureaucratic need with a constant update of the various administrative steps up to the total regularity of their exercise.

Similarly, the Professional, who usually carries out these activities directly, can benefit from our services when it is more convenient for the urgency of running a job or lack of time, equipment or IT tools (even if not only economically) to make a relief, graphic design or anything else to a structure outside of your own studio.

The wide range of services and performance that the Frame Architectures S.r.l. is able to provide can satisfy any kind of customer.

Frame Architetture s.r.l. – Castello 5251 – 30122 – Venezia (VE)

Telefono e fax : 041 5200866

Skype: frame.architetture

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