Design Hotel Ca’ Pisani

Design Hotel Ca’ Pisani


Ca’ Pisani Hotel, fully renovated between 1998 and 2000, was the first Design Hotel in Venice. With the help of two exceptional professionals, this boutique hotel came alive with style, comfort and personality. The architectural elements have remained untouched, and the building is still the typical 14th century Venetian palace, but the interiors show a strong Art Deco influence with original furniture from the 1930s 40s, while the technology is purely 21st century.

Our unique Hotel houses some of the artwork of one of the key figures of the Italian Futurist movement, Fortunato Depero (1892 1960). Also, gouache by Ugo Sissa, an artist that was long active in Venice, as well as artwork by other 20th century painters.

Hotel Ca’ Pisani is a world of refined details: everything has been carefully chosen, considered and created to please the eye and soothe the spirit. The reception counter, the mail boxes, the fish-shaped ebony keys, the doors and door handles, the logos on the wardrobe doors, the polished marble bathrooms, the lift, the hand rail in the ‘fireplace’ hall, the banisters on the mezzanine floor… at Ca’ Pisani, even the smallest detail is the outstanding result of world-class craftsmanship.
Dorsoduro 979, 30123 Venice – Italy

Tel (+39)041.2401411
fax (+39)041.2771061